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All wounds are different, but honey can still help

01 December 2009

Nursing Standard


As a tissue viability nurse, I read with interest the letter from Simon Palfreyman (November 11) replying to Ailsa Sharp’s article on the beneficial effects of honey...

Dressing selection for the treatment of coumarin necrosis

23 August 2000

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

The correct dressing selection is of vital importance in producing as rapid a healing response as possible. John Timmons demonstrates the effects of a new dressing...

Diagnosis, treatment and nursing management of patients with pilonidal sinus disease

05 September 2007

Nursing Standard


Pilonidal sinus disease is a common disorder that occurs in the cleavage between the buttocks and can cause discomfort and embarrassment for patients. It frequently...

Wound infection

01 March 2000

Primary Health Care


Aims and intended learning outcomes This article intends to give an overview of some of the issues involved and the principles of wound infection. It aims to ensure...