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Global Institutions: The World Health Organization (WHO)

01 September 2011

Nursing Management

Book Review

Do you believe that health has nothing to do with politics? This history of the World Health organization (WHo), from its foundation in 1948 as the health agency of...

Against all the odds

20 August 2003

Nursing Standard


PROFESSIONAL NURSING gatherings are not usually heralded by a grenade attack outside the conference centre. But then the meeting in Baghdad last month was no...

Public priorities

28 January 2004

Nursing Standard


NURSING EDUCATION is a high priority in the efforts to rebuild Iraq’s shattered health service, according to a pledge made by Khudr Abbas, the country’s new health...

Nurses take on lead role in WHO global network

28 September 2004

Nursing Standard


NURSES AND midwives in Scotland are taking the lead in a global initiative to promote health for all through nursing and midwifery excellence, in partnership with...

More than a make over

21 September 2004

Nursing Standard

Nursing the future

ANGELS, BATTLEAXES, black stockings – it is high time we moved on from these tired and demeaning stereotypes. We need a new image that reflects the value and...

Wish you were here?

26 May 2004

Nursing Standard


SPENDING TWO weeks on a Greek island can revive most nurses’ flagging energies and help them back to work with a spring in their step, as well as a suntan....

The call to nurture

23 November 2004

Nursing Standard


ON FEBRUARY 7th, 1837, God spoke to me and called me to His service,’ wrote Florence Nightingale. She was 16 and did not yet know what form that service would take....

Mass destruction

07 December 2004

Nursing Standard


WHAT HAPPENED to the inhabitants of the Iraqi town of Falluja, caught in the crossfire between insurgents and US marines? Many paid the highest price for being in...

Flying colours

28 June 2005

Nursing Standard


Since 1993, the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Community Health at Glasgow Caledonian University has hosted a World Health Organization collaborating centre...

Battle for health

17 March 2009

Nursing Standard


Nursing education in Turkey seems to be flourishing, but many barriers to comprehensive health provision remain.