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Brexit should not be seen as death sentence for the NHS

22 March 2018

Nursing Management


To put it simply: without nurses, the NHS doesn’t work. Yet recent statistics from NHS Digital (2018) suggest that in certain areas of Britain healthcare...

Learning by degrees

01 April 2002

Nursing Older People

Royal college of Nursing

The National Service Framework for Older People (DoH 2001a) clearly sets out the government’s strategic intentions for the development of services to meet the health...

The evidence base for gerontological nursing practice. Part 2: Making sense of the evidence

01 October 2004

Nursing Older People


This is the second of two articles exploring the meaning of ‘evidence-based practice’. The first, in last month’s issue, considered what is meant by ‘evidence’. This...

The evidence base for gerontological nursing practice. Part 1: What do we mean by ‘evidence’?

01 September 2004

Nursing Older People


In recent years, ‘evidence-based practice’ has featured increasingly in the lexicon of healthcare practitioners. But what does it mean and how is ‘evidence’...

Ethnography: principles, practice and potential

06 May 2015

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Ethnography is a methodology that is gaining popularity in nursing and healthcare research. It is concerned with studying people in their cultural context and how...

Student life - The pressures of transition

24 January 2018

Nursing Standard


After years of study, sacrifice and burning the candle, you’ve finally made it and you’re now on the threshold of your career as a nurse.

Work-based learning expert gerontological practice

01 June 2002

Nursing Older People

Gerontological nursing programme

Education, training and life-long-learning have been identified by recent policy reports as being crucial to the development of effective gerontological practice...

Managers’ role in maximising investment in continuing professional education

01 February 2016

Nursing Management

Art & Science

Healthcare organisations face the challenge of delivering care in increasingly complex environments. To do so they depend on competent professionals, and continuing...