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Sexuality - a topical issue for nursing

25 September 1991

Nursing Standard


Sexuality refers to far more than a mere sexual act. A broader perspective encompasses biological, psychosocial and social aspects. It is the psychosocial aspects I...

Developing a vaccine for HIV

16 September 1992

Nursing Standard

Supplement AIDS focus

Vaccines have proved the most successful method of controlling viral diseases. In smallpox for example, introduction of a vaccine led to eradication of the disease....

Understanding and meeting your legal responsibilities as a nurse

15 November 2017

Nursing Standard


Nurses, midwives and nursing students are legally responsible for their actions. This article discusses the legal standard of care required in relation to nursing...

Nursing beliefs and pain management

26 June 1991

Nursing Standard

Supplement Aids Focus

In working towards standardised pain assessment techniques, we decided to compare nursing beliefs about pain management in our AIDS unit with those of the oncology...

Healthcare assistants: the new registration route

28 April 2004

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

A number of locally organised schemes now exist to help healthcare assistants access programmes leading to qualified nursing status. Although some schemes have been...