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Advanced Precautions for Today's OR: The Operating Room Professional's Handbook for the Prevention of Sharps Injuries and Bloodborne Exposure

11 August 1999

Nursing Standard

Book Review

The aim of this book is to explain why all health professionals should adopt universal infection.control precautions. It uses 'arguments based on existing blood and...


26 May 1999

Nursing Standard


In this article Gladys Xavier describes the concept of asepsis and its application in nursing practice, to reduce infections in hospitals.

The importance of mouth care in preventing infection

19 January 2000

Nursing Standard


Most patients can benefit from nurses taking an active interest in their oral hygiene. Gladys Xavier describes how effective mouth care can improve a patient’s...

Hepatitis A: disease, epidemiology and control

01 April 1999

Primary Health Care


Aims and intended learning outcomes The aim of this article is to discuss the general characteristics of the hepatitis A virus (HAV), disease, transmission,...