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Thermal injuries in paediatrics

01 December 1989

Paediatric Nursing


The pattern of burn injury in different age groups is seen to correlate with the differing interests and abilities of the child as development occurs (1). Children...

Self-administered nitrous oxide (Entonox®) for the management of procedural pain

01 September 2000

Paediatric Nursing


The effective management of procedural pain and anxiety in children is a challenge for pae-diatric nurses and requires a multi-modal approach using a combination of...

Chronic pain in children and adolescents

01 December 2006

Paediatric Nursing


Chronic pain is a widespread and significant clinical problem. It can result in major negative short-and long-term physical and emotional effects in multiple domains...

Assessing acute and chronic pain in children and young people

02 November 2016

Nursing Standard


Accurate assessment of pain in children and young people is an essential nursing skill that forms the basis of any pain management intervention. This article...