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So far, so bleak

01 August 2006

Nursing Older People


According to the Prison Reform Trust, the older prisoner population almost doubled in the ten years to 2004, so that by January 2005, there were 1,507 men and 20...

My country

10 June 2003

Nursing Standard


SALIMA EL DARWISH is a woman of hidden depths. Watching her sit quietly in the playground of a suburban London primary school waiting to collect her daughter, Sara,...

The right to care

07 July 2004

Nursing Standard


CATHY CROWE is a ‘street nurse’ - a term coined by homeless people in Toronto, Canada, for the nurses who care for them. She is also a national campaigner on...

Out in the cold

02 January 1988

Nursing Standard

Clinical feature

Diane Carlton worked for six years as a District Nurse in rural Lincolnshire before illness forced her to take a more sedentary job as a practice nurse. She well...

The Big Screen

16 January 1988

Nursing Standard

Clinical feature

By 1990 Britain will be the first country to provide a comprehensive screening mammography service. Women aged between 50 and 64 will be invited to visit one of 90...

Stop smoking!

16 July 1988

Nursing Standard

Clinical feature

It is seven o'clock in the morning and your alarm goes off. Your lungs hurt, your voice croaks and your hair reeks of cigarette smoke.

Tangled ethics of foetus tissue transplant

30 April 1988

Nursing Standard

Clinical news

Transplanting brain tissue from aborted foetuses to people with Parkinson's Disease is now a reality, as last week's mass media blitz on two such operations showed....

From hospice to respice

13 August 1988

Nursing Standard


Children's hospices are springing up around the country. They are funded by charities, staffed by experts and have a high media and fund-raising profile. The first...

Nations unite in war against global killers

22 November 2011

Nursing Standard


Non-communicable diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes are responsible for two thirds of deaths worldwide. Nurses are ideally placed to...

Join the ranks of a rare breed

31 January 2012

Nursing Standard

General Article

At a time when the profession is facing huge NHS reform, nursing is seriously under-represented in the House of Lords. Nursing Standard is campaigning to increase...