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Make way for the doctor of nursing

25 June 1997

Nursing Standard


We were outraged to read Dr Gaba’s views (Opinion 11 June). He states nurses are not content with traditional roles. While we admire his bravery for trying to define...

Philosophy - reflection in practice

01 October 1997

Nursing Management

Philosophy - reflection in practice

The unit was facing a time of immense change due to the amalgamation of ophthalmic services which was creating many anxieties and uncertainties. The existing team...

With a view to change

10 July 1996

Nursing Standard


WARD 12 OF THE Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle, was opened in December 1994 to provide dedicated day care facilities for both adults and children undergoing...

Promoting Scope of Professional Practice in a large organisation

01 July 1998

Nursing Standard

Professional development

The UKCC (1992a) introduced The Scope of Professional Practice document to replace the Department of Health guidelines (DoH 1977) on extending the role of the nurse....