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Change management and quality

01 September 2006

Nursing Management


LIKE ALL nursing procedures, change involves assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation. It is a cyclical process, with each action affecting the next.

The transformation of care in the Republic of Ireland

01 July 2007

Nursing Management


IN RECENT YEARS, health services in the Republic of Ireland (ROI) have been undergoing substantial reform.

Transformational leadership in nursing matching theory to practice

01 July 2002

Nursing Management


LEADERSHIP HAS been the subject of numerous studies in the latter half of the twentieth century. However, there is still no single clear and consistent definition of...

Rhetoric is not enough

01 December 2006

Nursing Older People

Person-centred care

Person-centred medicine has been a component of patients’ rights movements since the 1960s. The concept of person-centred care itself is largely ambiguous and even...

Preparing undergraduates for practice placements in gerontological nursing

27 November 2007

Nursing Older People


An innovative approach was employed to help undergraduate student nurses prepare for a practice placement working with older people. The method involved the use of...

Pain assessment tools for older people with cognitive impairment

12 October 2011

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This article summarises and critiques various tools available for the assessment of pain in older people with cognitive impairment. Definitions of pain are numerous...

Demystifying nursing research terminology. Part 1

15 July 2011

Nurse Researcher


Aim This article aims to provide clear explanations of the research approaches available for nursing research. Background There are numerous research approaches...

Demystifying nursing research terminology: Part 2

26 January 2012

Nurse Researcher


Aim To provide an explanation of the research methodologies and strategies available. Background There are numerous research methodologies and strategies. The...