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Put your finances in order

30 September 2008

Nursing Standard

Student focus

As a student moving away from home for the first time or changing career later in life, your prime concern will be how to live on a student bursary.

Hang on in there

01 July 2006

Nursing Standard

General Article

Debt is big business, judging by the stream of adverts offering secured loans, consolidation services and fee-paying debt advice on television and in the newspapers.

Balancing the books

06 October 2009

Nursing Standard

Student focus

Most new students will have received a breakdown of their projected bursary income for the year. But the figures will mean little until they are put into the context...

Money you can claim

05 October 2010

Nursing Standard

Student focus

Like peers on other courses, nursing students must live on a tight budget, managing their bursary and other funds carefully.

Make the most of your cash

03 October 2006

Nursing Standard

Student focus

Most students will be more than familiar with the notion that debt is considered an inevitable consequence of student life. A recent survey from Barclays Bank...

Stake your claim for universal credit

14 September 2016

Nursing Standard


As the roll-out of the government’s new universal credit gathers pace, many nurses and healthcare assistants remain unaware they are eligible to receive financial...

Student life - Get your finances in order

20 September 2017

Nursing Standard


Familiarising yourself with your finances early on in the academic year can have a positive impact on your overall experience at university.

Budget early for success

30 September 2015

Nursing Standard

Student supplement

Getting to grips with your finances early on in the academic year can boost your overall experience at university.

Enough money? Don’t bank on it

28 September 2011

Nursing Standard

Student life

It is important for students to establish early on what their individual financial packages will be for each term, then carefully plan their budgets.

Although nurses’ fund is closed, financial help is still available

08 May 2013

Nursing Standard


Reviewing the book Football and Management – Comparisons Between Sport and Enterprise, Nicola Evans points out that football is big business, much like health care...