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Overseas recruitment and migration

01 December 2005

Nursing Management


THE RCN (2004) warns, that with 30,000 nurses leaving the UK every year, 2,000 of them to the US alone, a ‘fragile future’ lies ahead for the NHS.

World wide worry

01 May 2009

Nursing Standard

Career devolopment

The news stories sum up the problem: ‘Cardiff students reprimanded for making derogatory comments about lecturers and using Facebook groups to share coursework...

Student life - More than merely ‘clever’

15 December 2009

Nursing Standard

Career development

What is education for? At first, the answer seems obvious. Education is intended to equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to undertake their jobs, a...

Love it or loathe it

07 April 2009

Nursing Standard

Career development

On the first day of the new term, you enter the lecture theatre full of anticipation, along with 120 other students. the opening powerpoint slide appears. forty...

Know the boundaries

19 January 2010

Nursing Standard

Career development

‘A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.’ This is a musical example of confirmation bias taken from Simon and Garfunkel’s song Bridge over...

Head and hands

24 January 2006

Nursing Standard

Career development

Students at the beginning of their course are often impatient to get on with the ‘real’ business of nursing – the ‘doing’ bit.

Getting personal

09 May 2006

Nursing Standard

Career development

Tertiary education places enormous demands on students. The skills developed at colleges and universities are not just academic and clinical – personal development...

Jill of all trades

30 August 2006

Nursing Standard


Students rightly demand a greatdeal from their supervisors, mentors and teaching staff. Whether they are in clinicalpractice or attending lecturesand seminars in a...

The truth about failure

01 October 2005

Nursing Standard

Student life

As a senior lecturer I receive many letters from or about nursing students who do not make the grade. Students fail for many reasons, but comments are often put...

Art and soul

13 June 2006

Nursing Standard

Career development

Learning should have an element of enjoyment or at least moments of enlightenment and surprise. It should always lead to new areas of knowledge.