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Best-kept secrets laid bare

29 March 2000

Nursing Standard


I read with interest the account of the US magnet services recognition programme (Art & Science March 8), and James Buchan's analysis of the application of the...

Let’s put pay into perspective

18 September 2002

Nursing Standard


Susan Gee (letters August 28) claims that no other profession puts up with pay on a par with nursing. Is she familiar with the status of the clergy stipend? My...

Our findings support the health benefits of singing

14 August 2007

Nursing Standard


The report on the healing power of song is a persuasive argument for greater investment in this area of health care (features July 25). The numbers attending the...

Effects of singing groups on staff well-being: a feasibility study

29 May 2018

Nursing Standard

nurses’ well-being

Aims To determine the feasibility of recruiting and retaining staff ‘singing for well-being’ groups over three months and the acceptability of the proposed...

Challenges of implementing and embedding a programme to improve care for older people with dementia on hospital wards

06 November 2018

Nursing Older People

service improvement

The authors took part in a national research project that evaluated an intervention to enhance person-centred care for people with dementia in hospital. The Person,...

Therapeutic effects of music and singing for older people

13 January 2010

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Aim To identify how music and singing may be used therapeutically by nurses in caring for older people. Method A multimethod approach was taken, comprising a search...

Using music interventions in the care of people with dementia

19 May 2020

Nursing Standard

mental health

The therapeutic properties of music have been recognised since antiquity. In recent years, there has been a growing evidence base to support claims about the...

Research on singing and COPD shows remarkable results

13 February 2013

Nursing Standard


As a multidisciplinary team of nurses and other health researchers, we would support the need for specialist care for people with COPD made by Alison Crumbie...