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Doing the right thing right

01 February 1997

Elderly Care

Nursing practice clinical effectiveness

Clinical effectiveness has become the most recent phrase to hit the headlines. Having grown weary of total quality management, continuous quality improvement,...

Lessons from the 1996 Research Assessment Exercise

01 May 1997

Nurse Researcher

Issues in research

This is a personal interpretation of the results of, and lessons to be learnt from, the most recent Research Assessment Exercise (RAE). Like many others who entered...

Standards of nursing care 1987-1997

15 October 1997

Nursing Standard


The RCN standards of care programme was established in 1987 as part of a wider initiative to improve the quality of nursing care. In the beginning its director,...

Using evidence to demonstrate the value of nursing

02 April 1997

Nursing Standard

Evidence-based nursing

This article explores the position of nursing in relation to the evidence-based medicine (EBM) and clinical effectiveness (CE) initiatives. It argues that both...

Developing excellence in nursing practice and care

01 October 1997

Nursing Standard

Professional development

Carrying out even the simplest of nursing activities can be a complicated process. Influences such as poor organisation, unforeseen events and inappropriate...

Kaleidoscope of care

12 August 1998

Nursing Standard


TO ALISON KITSON the RCN Institute is a bit like Dr Who's Tardis - the further you go in, the bigger it gets. Over the three years of its existence it has introduced...

The essence of nursing: part II

03 March 1999

Nursing Standard

Art & science research

In the second of two articles examining the essence of nursing, Alison Kitson examines what it might look like in practice. The first part was published in last...

The whole person

07 December 2004

Nursing Standard


I HAD THE privilege of meeting Mary Jackson, a Nursing Standard Nurse of the Year Award winner at the Labour Party conference this year. She had created a drop-in...

RCN response to review of regulation clarified

28 November 2006

Nursing Standard


Further to your story ‘Foster regulation proposals rejected by unions and NMC’ (news November 15), you state that the RCN, in its response to the Review of...

Supplement editorial

21 November 1990

Nursing Standard

News and features

There is no doubt about it; whether we like it or not quality is on the health care agenda in a big way. Those of us involved in setting up the Quality Assurance...