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A sampling strategy for qualitative research

01 June 1996

Nurse Researcher


This paper discusses sampling in qualitative research, describing the principles and how different researchers have described their sampling techniques. The example...

Using randomised controlled trials (RCTs) to test service interventions: issues of standardisation, selection and generalisability

01 April 2004

Nurse Researcher


The commissioning of healthcare services is increasingly linked to the availability of rigorous evidence of clinical and cost effectiveness. In the current climate,...

Streaming A&E patients to walk-in centre services

01 June 2005

Emergency Nurse


Studies have found that about half of emergency department (ED) patients could have been managed by other services (Coleman et al 2001, Salisbury and Munro 2003)....

Unscheduled care: learning from video-recorded consultations

01 September 2010

Emergency Nurse


One aspect of the implementation of patient-centred care is the improvement of consultations between service users and practitioners, and this can be done through...

Forging links between academe and practice through research

27 March 1996

Nursing Standard


One of the features of the ‘new’ health service is increased attention to research. It is as if the world is catching up with the oft quoted but otherwise ignored...

Engaging patients in pressure ulcer prevention

06 May 2015

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

As patients increasingly care for themselves at home, they require accessible information to enable informed self-care. This article describes the development of an...