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Pathway to the heart of care quality

01 January 1995

Nursing Management

General article

Integrated Care Pathways (ICPs) are a tool that enables clinical staff of all disciplines to change and improve their practices and processes of care delivery within...

Patient focused care without the upheaval

13 April 1994

Nursing Standard

Feature care delivery

Patient focused care is commanding a lot of attention in the current climate of providing a health care service which puts the patient at the centre of the care...

Nursing research or research nursing? Two separate terms, two separate careers

01 April 2010

Nurse Researcher

issues in research

The terms ‘nursing research’ and ‘research nursing’ are often confused, although the skill sets associated with each occupation are different. Clinical research...

Silver therapy in practice: clinical considerations

01 November 2007

Primary Health Care


The last 20 years have seen rapid advances in materials used to manage wounds. These have been accompanied by an extensive research-base advocating the use of new...