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Wound care: a collaborative practice manual for physical therapists and nurses

01 September 1999

Nursing Standard

Perspectives: reviews

Edited by two respected American practitioners (a nurse and a physical therapist), this book is a well-written, comprehensive resource for nurses in the community...

A dilemma in the community

30 April 1988

Nursing Standard

Clinical feature

It is now recognised that traditional gauze dressings are materials which may slow up or even prevent normal healing. However, the new wound management materials...

Using different designs in wound healing research

01 July 2004

Nurse Researcher

issues in research

Wounds are a common clinical problem, cared for in most, if not all, clinical settings. Chronic wounds, including chronic pressure, leg and diabetic foot ulcers,...

Wound management in the community

23 January 1991

Nursing Standard

Clinical nurse prescribing

In the last article in this six-part series, Sue Bale looks at the implications of the Advisory Group's recommendations on nurse prescribing for nurses working in...

Wound management

16 April 1988

Nursing Standard

Clinical feature

There are several different causes of open granulating wounds and careful nursing assessment is essential to ensure that the best treatment is given.

Education for nurses and patients

15 July 1989

Nursing Standard

Leg ulcers

Many useful articles have been written describing the use of a variety of dressing materials and bandaging techniques for the treatment of leg ulcers. This article...

Treating open perineal wounds

22 May 1991

Nursing Standard

Clinical wound care

Rosalind Butterwortb and Sue Bale look at the potential uses of Allevyn cavity wound dressings in the care of open perineal wounds.

Wound care nursing award

09 September 1998

Nursing Standard

Nurse 98

Bringing a fundamental but little known issue to the attention of nurses, our judges said, is a piece of detective work to be proud of. Researching the problem of...

Wound management in children

01 February 1994

Paediatric Nursing

Wound care

The management of children with wounds and wound problems is complicated by a number of psychosocial and physiological factors. Children with wounds may easily...