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What does originality in research mean? A student’s perspective

25 July 2014

Nurse Researcher

Student experience

Aim To provide a student’s perspective of what it means to be original when undertaking a PhD. Background A review of the literature related to the concept of...

How to plan your doctorate

15 October 2014

Nursing Standard


Do you have an idea that you believe would make a great piece of research and could lead to a PhD, but are unsure of what to do?

Be open to criticism and ideas

19 June 2013

Nursing Standard


During my degree studies, I was introduced to research and its importance in helping to keep clinical skills up to date. I was taught to critique research studies...

Think you could do a PhD?

16 October 2013

Nursing Standard


Talking to my researcher colleagues has shown me that the main motivation for nurses to undertake a doctorate is a belief that evidence-based practice is so...