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Mental health nursing for transgender people: are we caring?

06 February 2018

Mental Health Practice

Evidence & practice

Transgender people experience widespread prejudice in society and health professionals are often complicit in this discrimination. Transgender people are at a...

Shared worlds: multi-sited ethnography and nursing research

22 March 2017

Nurse Researcher

Evidence & practice

Background Ethnography, originally developed for the study of supposedly small-scale societies, is now faced with an increasingly mobile, changing and globalised...

Ethnonursing and the ethnographic approach in nursing

13 November 2015

Nurse Researcher


Aim To present a critical methodological review of the ethnonursing research method. Background Ethnonursing was developed to underpin the study and practice of...

Trauma-informed care for people presenting to the emergency department with mental health issues

25 February 2020

Emergency Nurse

mental health

There is a high prevalence of exposure to traumatic events in childhood among people who have mental health issues. Presentation to the emergency department (ED) can...