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‘Why are our grant applications continually rejected?’

01 November 1997

Nurse Researcher

The reality of research

Answering the question in the title of this paper may seem a rather negative approach to the topic. However, the purpose is a positive one - to help novice...

Nurse education

19 October 2004

Nursing Standard


ONLY RECENTLY nursing education was based solely in the NHS. Although we were physically closer, the purchaser provider model has made education more responsive to...

Community posts

21 May 1988

Nursing Standard


Student life - Sticks and stones

14 May 2008

Nursing Standard


Nurses have been identified in the literature as likely to experience verbal abuse. Within this group, nursing students are identified as being highly vulnerable to...

Multimethodology research with boys with severe haemophilia

01 July 2013

Nurse Researcher

Grounded theory

Aim To describe the use of an innovative, multimethodological approach to exploring the day-to-day experiences of boys across a wide age range to better understand...