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The impact of COVID-19 on doctoral research: adapting to the challenges and the opportunities of disruption

24 March 2022

Nurse Researcher

Research challenges

Background The author is a professional doctorate student and full-time nurse in an education role in a UK NHS Trust. COVID-19 caused a major disruption to her...

Supporting service users to lose weight

05 May 2015

Learning Disability Practice

Art & Science

Obesity commonly leads to long-term health problems and it is especially prevalent among people with learning disabilities. This article describes how community...

Quality assurance - a positive approach

07 February 1990

Nursing Standard

Clinical quality assurance

Before the project began, work on the ward was completely ‘task allocated’. This meant that after report in the morning, Sister, traditionally, was 'in the office’....

Introducing total quality management

25 March 1992

Nursing Standard

Clinical management

Total quality management is a system that could pay dividends for National Health Service managers and employees hut would require a change of culture, from one of...

Essence of care in a children’s hospital

01 April 2003

Paediatric Nursing


‘Essence of Care’ (2001) is a Department of Health (DoH) (England) quality initiative that involves benchmarking essential nursing care. It is, in many ways, a...

An analysis of delegation styles among newly qualified nurses

15 February 2017

Nursing Standard

Evidence & practice

Aim The aim of this research was to explore how newly qualified nurses learn to organise, delegate and supervise care in hospital wards when working with and...