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Care planning: a guide for nurses

01 December 2012

Nursing Management

Book Review

THIS WELL laid-out book’s first section describes why care planning is necessary. It also introduces the reader to Aspire, the acronym for the cyclic process...

Ethics and originality in doctoral research in the UK

25 July 2014

Nurse Researcher


Aim To show that the ethics governance process in the UK is not necessarily conducive to innovative investigation by doctoral students. Background Doctoral students...

Slavish application of protocols is far from genuine evidence-based care

05 October 2010

Nursing Standard


I am disappointed by nurse and freelance writer Joy Milligan’s article claiming that evidence-based practice has become a sacred cow and is undermining care...

We need robust evidence of alternative therapy benefits

17 August 2011

Nursing Standard


As a lecturer in mental health nursing in Scotland, my job is to convey the message that evidence should precede practice. This is difficult.

Care Planning: A Guide for Nurses – Second edition

15 August 2012

Nursing Standard

Book review

This well laid-out book is split into two sections. The first describes why care planning is necessary and introduces the reader to ASPIRE, the acronym for the...

Medicines management in mental health

21 September 2011

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This article provides evidence to suggest that mental health nurses may not be as competent in medicines management as they believe themselves to be. A psychological...

How to synthesise original findings back into the literature: a reintroduction to concurrent analysis

30 April 2020

Nurse Researcher


Background All studies need to integrate their findings back into the literature to explain how the new knowledge changes understanding. This process can be...