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Improving quality of life for adolescents with psychosis

01 April 2010

Mental Health Practice


Psychosis is a symptom of serious mental illness that is usually associated with adult life, but a significant group of people develop it in adolescence. Psychosis...

Linking aims, paradigm and method in nursing research

22 November 2012

Nurse Researcher

A&S Science

Aim To explore the use of paradigms as ontological and philosophical guides for conducting PhD research. Background A paradigm can help to bridge the aims of a study...


11 February 1998

Nursing Standard

Book Review

Quotable quotes from the world of health

Navigating the grounded theory terrain. Part 1

15 July 2011

Nurse Researcher


Aim The decision to use grounded theory is not an easy one and this article aims to illustrate and explore the methodological complexity and decision-making process....

Navigating the grounded theory terrain. Part 2

21 October 2011

Nurse Researcher


Aim In this paper, the choice of classic grounded theory will be discussed and justified in the context of the first author’s PhD research. Background The...

Views of mixed sex wards: a survey of patients, carers and nurses

22 February 1995

Nursing Standard

Clinical research mixed sex wards

This paper describes the design and implementation of a survey carried out at Wharfedale General Hospital, related to the potential development of mixed sex wards....