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Continuing Professional Development in Nursing

01 May 1999

Elderly Care

Book Review

The content of this book should dispel some of the mystery surrounding continuing professional deveopment (CPD). Francis Quinn has assembled an eminent group of...


01 November 1993

Elderly Care

Continuing education: hypothermia

Aims This article aims to show nurses who are working with elderly people that relatively little is known about the true incidence of hypothermia, and that the...

Standard practice

01 May 1989

Elderly Care

Measuring care

The ‘uncertainty principle’ is well established in physics whereby, at the subatomic level, it is considered impossible to measure simultaneously and accurately both...

A case for treatment

01 February 1991

Elderly Care


When men become irreversibly incontinent of urine there are, basically, three ways in which their problem can be managed: by means of absorbent disposable pads; by...

How effective are sheepskins?

01 September 1990

Elderly Care

Pressure area care

The use of sheepskins, which are described as ‘low-cost but effective' for the prevention of pressure sores (1), is a well-established practice. Real sheepskins,...

Continuing the care debate

01 February 1998

Elderly Care

Nursing practice continuing care

Continuing care is certainly on the agenda these days and a considerable body of literature is building up, much of it emanating from nursing authors. The purpose of...

Practical therapeutics for the older patient

01 April 1999

Elderly Care

Book Review

Although aimed primarily at medical practitioners, this text is a good teaching aid an daide memoire for nurses working with older people. It is one of a number of...

Tea not tranquillisers

01 January 1994

Elderly Care

Nutrition And Dementia

A unique multidisciplinary gathering took place at the University of Stirling last year under the auspices of its Dementia Services Development Centre. The study day...

Perspectives on Gerontological Nursing

01 April 1992

Elderly Care

Book Review

Books such as Perspectives on Gerontological Nursing, multicontributor reviews of different areas within a specialty, are possibly the hardest to review.

Scottish affairs

01 October 1992

Elderly Care

Legal issues

The basic premise of the law is that people can become so mentally disabled that they are unable to manage their own affairs. In Scotland, there is no law...