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Working in Public Health: An Introduction to Careers in Public Health

01 February 2016

Nursing Management

Book Review

A COMPREHENSIVE overview of public health organisations in England, this book presents case studies and personal accounts to raise awareness of jobs that improve...

Working in Public Health: An Introduction to Careers in Public Health

06 January 2016

Nursing Standard

Book Review

For those considering a career in public health, this book offers a comprehensive overview of public health organisations in England.

Rethinking Social Exclusion: The End of the Social?

25 June 2014

Primary Health Care

Book Review

TOO MUCH research focuses on what works rather than challenging the dominant ideology of liberal capitalism that creates social exclusion, say the authors, arguing...

Working in Public Health

30 March 2016

Primary Health Care

Book Review

PEOPLE CONSIDERING a career in public health services in England will find this book offers a good overview of the sector.

Health Visiting: A Rediscovery

01 June 2013

Primary Health Care

Book review

IN THIS substantially revised edition of a classic textbook on health visiting, contributors clarify current health visiting practice. A chapter on safeguarding...

Prudent healthcare in emergency departments: a case study in Wales

09 March 2018

Emergency Nurse

Evidence & practice

To deliver a patient-centred service, emergency departments (EDs) must be efficient, effective and meet the needs of the local population. This article describes a...

Objective structured clinical exam: how clinical nurse educators can support internationally educated nurses

13 August 2019

Nursing Management


Internationally educated nurses (IENs) require robust teaching programmes to support them through the objective structured clinical exam (OSCE) process to gain...

Open AccessPublic involvement in participatory research: the experiences of peer interviewers from Roma, Gypsy and Traveller communities

03 February 2022

Nurse Researcher

Participatory research

Background A vital component of research is patient and public involvement (PPI). The challenges of PPI increase when conducting cross-cultural research into...