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How the tidal model was used to overcome a risk-averse ward culture

01 September 2013

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

Care of service users in a locked mental health ward can be improved if risk-averse attitudes among staff are changed. A more appropriate mindset encourages measured...

Shifting boundaries

01 July 2004

Nursing Management


WE ALL experience degrees of mental illness and distress during our lives. Some nurse managers work in healthcare settings that provide mental health services of...

Mental illness … or disability?

01 September 2004

Nursing Management


ARE PEOPLE who experience mental health problems ill or disabled? This question is as relevant to general nurse managers as it is to nurse managers in mental health...

Staying close: creating distance? The ethics of constant observation

01 November 2003

Mental Health Practice


Mental health practice is fraught with uncertainties, ambiguities and paradoxes. One aspect of practice that illustrates this well is constant or continuous...