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Shared responsibility

26 June 2014

Nursing Management


CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL development (CPD) is expensive and time consuming and, as nurses become more specialised, finding appropriate cover to enable them to...

Vantage point - Continuity is crucial

27 February 2014

Nursing Management


THE NHS vision for nursing in terms of 6Cs – caring, compassion, communication, commitment, courage and competence – is admirable, but continuity should also be...

‘Ideal nurses and the emotional labour of nursing’

01 January 2009

Nurse Researcher


When I began nursing in 1977, nurse training was fundamentally different from the student-centred, problem-based learning approach used today to develop questioning,...

Leaders at Liverpool

20 February 2008

Nursing Standard


Like many institutions, the RCN Research Society has been drawn to Liverpool, this year’s European Capital of Culture, for its 2008 international conference. The...

Dragons’ Den: promoting healthcare research and innovation

01 July 2015

Nursing Management

Art & Science

The changing health and social care landscape, and, in particular, the financial challenges affecting the NHS, can present difficulties for staff looking for funding...