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Soothing the way

16 August 2000

Nursing Standard


Nights broken by a child relentlessly scratching irritated, excoriated skin, leading to daily tiredness, short temper and behavioural problems, and to top it all off...

Hand in hand

17 November 1999

Nursing Standard

Making time compaign

FAMILY CRISES always seem to come in threes, as Carole Lang, a senior staff nurse at Sunderland Eye Infirmary, discovered recently for herself. 'My mother-in-law...

Promoting diversity

16 June 1999

Nursing Standard


Eighteen-year-old Naheeda Akhtar has her future career planned out. She is determined to become a health visitor, as she believes this branch of the nursing...

Period piece

13 September 2000

Nursing Standard


FINDING BLOOD stains in her nine-year-old daughter Sophie’s pants as she sorted out the family laundry was one of Jenny Black's* biggest shock as a parent. The...

Doube helping

19 January 2000

Nursing Standard


MANY OF US get a bit sentimental when we see identical newborns lined up cherubically in a double or treble buggy. Indeed, at a time when the incidence of multiple...

Working towards independence

09 December 2015

Nursing Standard


When Diane Walker asked about a discarded machine in her hospital’s storeroom during her nurse training in the 1980s, she was told it was for kidney dialysis but no...

Wheezy children are on a pathway to better health

09 July 2019

Nursing Children and Young People


Like many nurses across the country, paediatric junior sister Freydoh Rabin at Barnet Hospital’s children’s emergency department (ED) is finding the job increasingly...