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Skilled care counts

30 September 1998

Nursing Standard


HUNTINGTON’S DISEASE is a degenerative neuropsychiatric disorder, inherited as an autosomal dominant trait Classically, there is a triad of symptoms; movement...

Starting out - Clients’ social isolation prompted me to research ways to alleviate it

07 October 2015

Nursing Standard


While working in the community with people who have schizophrenia, it became clear that the symptoms of their condition were not as distressing as their lack of...

Recovery in Mental Health Nursing

14 March 2018

Nursing Standard

Book review

The blurb on the back cover says this book is for nurses and other professionals in mental health practice, but the contents are clearly directed towards nursing...

Facial affect recognition and mental health

10 July 2014

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

Not being able to accurately detect and respond to the emotions conveyed in the facial expressions of others is a significant issue for many people with mental...

Use of solution-focused brief therapy to enhance therapeutic communication in patients with COPD

29 November 2013

Primary Health Care

Art & Science

Most people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) go undiagnosed and many of those who are diagnosed receive only symptomatic treatment. The difficulty...

Using solution-focused communication to support patients

31 August 2011

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Nurses want to help patients; it is one of their main roles and a key source of job satisfaction. However, finding the time despite low staffing levels and a heavy...