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The problem with ‘no lifting’ is...

11 September 1996

Nursing Standard


The author of the letter ‘Problems with ‘no lifting’ policy’ (letters August 14) suggests there may be some drawbacks to implementing a safer patient handling...

Wealth and safety

04 December 1996

Nursing Standard

News comment

HEALTH AND SAFETY has never been a topic to excite much passion in the minds of trust chief executives, though probably none would admit to this. But the report on...

Changing times

09 September 1998

Nursing Standard


AT LAST THE EU directive on working time is to be implemented in the UK From October 1 a set of regulations will come into effect and UK workers will finally get the...

Notes and queries

07 March 2001

Nursing Standard


What's happening in the other three countries? The Scottish minister Susan Deacon launched a package of six guidelines in January including what the Scottish...

Safe and sound

09 May 2001

Nursing Standard

Careers: development

A THOUGH THE Health and Safety at Work Act is over 25 years old, it still provides the framework for workplace health and safety management.

RCN backs powder-free latex gloves

26 May 1999

Nursing Standard


In reference to the news story 'Employers may face legal challenge over latex gloves' (News May 12).

Disability and the law

31 January 2001

Nursing Standard


The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1995 was introduced to protect people with disabilities against unfair discrimination. Disabled people often find they are...

How to Chair meetings

02 July 1988

Nursing Standard

How to..

Attendance at meetings takes up a great deal of time for many nurses. The time may be well spent if decisions are taken and recommendations made, but many meetings...

How to Speak effectively

25 June 1988

Nursing Standard

How to..

Many people are filled with apprehension when faced with a request to make a presentation to an audience. There are, of course, some hardened speakers who would view...

No infection risk from home wash uniforms

10 January 1996

Nursing Standard

Viewpoint letter

I would like to clarify some of the points raised about health and safety legislation and the washing of uniforms. It is not a breach of health and safety...