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Understanding and implementing the nurse’s holding power (section 5(4)) of the Mental Health Act 1983

11 September 2014

Mental Health Practice


This article explores section 5(4) of the Mental Health Act, which permits nurses of a ‘prescribed class’ to detain an informal inpatient who is receiving treatment...

Concerns over the influence that pharmaceutical representatives (PRs) have on nurses prompt Russell Ashmore and Neil Carver to ask: does the profession need PRs at all?

01 October 2001

Mental Health Practice


I magine the scenario. You return from a lunchtime presentation that informed you about the wonders of new drug X. You have been well fed for ‘free’-and are feeling...

The Mental Health Act Reforms in England and Wales: Implications for Nurses’ Emergency Powers of Detention

01 February 2000

Mental Health Practice


The recent Department of Health (DoH) (1999a) Green Paper entitled Reform of the Mental Health Act 1983 sets out potential changes in mental health nurses’ legal...

Nurses’ views on their powers of detention: results of the Mental Health Practice survey

01 September 2000

Mental Health Practice


The 1983 Mental Health Act (MHA) empowers mental health nurses (MHNs), under Section 5(4) (Nurse’s Holding Power (NHP)), to detain informal patients receiving...

Holding powers, Section 5(4): the debate…

01 May 2000

Mental Health Practice


We wish to clarify several points arising from the reply to our article regarding Section 5(4) (Ashmore and Carver 2000). It is impossible to respond to all of the...