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Organizing and managing your research: a practical guide for postgraduates

01 March 2008

Nurse Researcher

Book Review

This is a first edition of a new book designed to help postgraduate students manage and organise their research projects. As a current PhD student and supervisor of...

NHS England’s confusion over mental health makes us fearful

15 July 2015

Nursing Standard


A key recommendation of the Francis report was for the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) to review the evidence base for safe nurse staffing...

How expert are the experts? An exploration of the concept of ‘expert’ within Delphi panel techniques

01 October 2006

Nurse Researcher

issues in research

The use of the term ‘expert’ occurs widely in healthcare research, in the context of national guidelines and consensus methods for the development of clinical...

Acute inpatient care in the UK. Part 2: managing risk

11 September 2014

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

Clients in acute mental health wards are at risk of weight gain associated with antipsychotic treatment, other adverse effects of medication, trauma associated with...

Acute inpatient care in the UK. Part 1: recovery-oriented wards

10 July 2014

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

Service users, staff and carers have long expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of acute mental health inpatient care, particularly with perceived staff...

Book reviews

01 January 2010

Nurse Researcher

Book Review

A look at recent publications relevant to health care and nursing research