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Evolution in nursing

09 September 1992

Nursing Standard

Feature europe

With the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Baltic states - Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania — re-established their independence and regained control of...

Integrating services in community child care

03 November 1993

Nursing Standard

Clinical children’s nursing

Child health services are currently supported by a very wide range of health professionals, each one offering a particular body of expertise. UK health policy has...

Cultural safety: an introduction

01 March 2008

Paediatric Nursing


Cultural safety is one approach to integrating cultural components into nursing care. It is based on a broad definition of culture and on nurses’ analysis of their...

Using cultural safety to enhance nursing care for children and young people

04 July 2022

Nursing Children and Young People


People from minority groups frequently experience adversity in various aspects of their lives, including when accessing healthcare services. Culture has a...

How professionals should communicate with children who have mental healthcare needs

06 February 2017

Nursing Children and Young People

Evidence & practice

Young people with mental health needs are often cared for on children’s wards by generalist children’s healthcare professionals (CHCPs). Generalist CHCPs find these...

Pre-registration children’s and young people’s nurse preparation. A SWOT analysis

01 December 2006

Paediatric Nursing


An investigation was undertaken into the views of nurse educators on current approaches to preparing children’s and young people’s nurses in the UK. A convenience...

The highs and lows of learning to be a children’s nurse

01 July 2006

Paediatric Nursing


Abstract Aim This study investigates student nurses’ perceptions of the process of undergoing a programme of education leading to registration as a children’s nurse....

Meithrin y Dyfodol*: children’s nursing in Wales

01 December 2004

Paediatric Nursing


In 1999, the National Assembly for Wales published Realising the Potential, a strategy for nursing, midwifery and health visiting in the principality (NAW 1999). It...

Wound management in children

01 February 1994

Paediatric Nursing

Wound care

The management of children with wounds and wound problems is complicated by a number of psychosocial and physiological factors. Children with wounds may easily...

Inter-rater reliability of the Glamorgan Paediatric Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment Scale

14 September 2008

Paediatric Nursing

A&S Science

Children who are at risk of pressure ulcers need to be identified so that preventative measures can be taken. Most paediatric pressure ulcer risk assessment scales...