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A conference call

09 March 2016

Mental Health Practice


I ATTENDED my first international conference three years ago. I had been an NHS manager for 15 years, but for the previous two years I had been redeployed to various...

Handbook of Secure Care

11 November 2015

Mental Health Practice

Book Review

THIS BOOK was intended to be the ‘go-to’ reference book for professionals in its field but in this edition, it is unlikely to be.

Making sense of paradigms: the health and social care paradox

10 March 2015

Mental Health Practice


The author discusses how the concepts of positivism and interpretivism can be applied to social care and healthcare services. He argues that the dominance of the...

Locating social workers in a high security forensic facility: inclusion and exclusion

18 December 2018

Mental Health Practice

Physical health

Background Locating social workers in hospital teams, or co-location, can improve relationships between professionals but at the expense of some professional values....