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Mood, emotions and emojis: conversations about health with young people

Mental Health Practice

evidence & practice

Various styles of communication can be used when working with people with mental health issues, and all formats can contribute to therapeutic goals. However, there...

Starting out - Never judge your patients based on what they have done in the past

16 July 2014

Nursing Standard


Throughout my time as a nursing student, I have always tried to engage positively with mental health service users and treat all those I care for in a...

Starting out - Chance encounter underlined the importance of living a student life

04 March 2015

Nursing Standard


After a busy day in the classroom, some of my fellow students and I went out for a few drinks. While walking home, I was approached by a man who appeared to be...

Starting out - Difficult placement taught me how to challenge prejudice in practice

03 February 2016

Nursing Standard


During a clinical placement, I realised some staff had judgemental attitudes and beliefs that could cause offence.

Starting out - A sensitive discussion showed me it is essential to win a patient’s trust

30 October 2013

Nursing Standard


I was on placement in an acute mental health assessment unit when a 19-year-old male patient, who I will call James, approached me for some support and advice.