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Dress code Jezebels flirt with danger

27 October 1993

Nursing Standard


I would like to dispute Gillian Watts’ arguments (Scanty nurses: vests stop sex pests, Viewpoint, October 13). The non-uniform clothing code adopted by tutors does...

Fully involving staff in assessments

03 March 1993

Nursing Standard

Viewpoint letters

I would refer Jan Fraser ('A kick up the assessment’, Tradimus, February 17) to Doris Dunn's various writings on an assessment strategy for clinical practice.

A new community information system

01 February 2002

Primary Health Care


Last year, I was seconded from my health visiting post to a new and alien environment for most nurses, the Information, Management and Technology Department. My new...

The cutting edge of community care

01 March 1998

Primary Health Care

Integrated nursing teams

In May 1995, Gateshead Healthcare Trust appointed a clinical nurse leader with the remit to develop a fully integrated community nursing team which, in partnership...

Social integration in mental health rehabilitation services: new roles to enhance effectiveness and sustainability

29 October 2018

Mental Health Practice

new roles

This article gives an overview of an innovative mental health worker role in an inpatient mental health rehabilitation team. It describes how the role was developed...