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Journal clubs

17 December 1997

Nursing Standard


GOOD READING habits are an essential prerequisite for good practice. But it has been suggested that even when nurses do have access to nursing literature, they may...

Inspiring vision

22 June 2010

Nursing Standard


Stephen Wright has criticised former prime minister Gordon Brown’s commission on nursing and midwifery for offering a ‘bland’ and uninspiring vision for the...

Let the ideas flow

01 May 2012

Nursing Standard

General article

Nurses often think creatively to make improvements to care, but many do not recognise this as innovation. In this article the author explains that innovation is...

Can you help find these people for the RCN celebrations?

20 August 2008

Nursing Standard


In 2009, the RCN research society will be celebrating 50 years of research in nursing under the auspices of the RCN. In preparation, the society is keen to make...

Implications for nursing of the NHS R&D funding policy

02 April 1997

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

In this article, the author reviews the recommendations for NHS research and development funding being implemented as a result of the Culyer report (1994). The...

Promoting excellence: a draft RCN position statement

23 April 2003

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

The purpose of this draft position statement on nursing research and development is to serve as a consultation document, in the profession and with other key...

Research power

02 April 2008

Nursing Standard


All nurses are involved in research. Some are leading academics in their own right, others manage or contribute to research projects, while most nurses apply or...

Research & development co-ordinating centre

10 June 1998

Nursing Standard


Nurses want to deliver the highest level of patient care, but do not always know where to find the best available evidence, or how to influence and participate in...

RCN research and development co-ordinating centre

16 June 1999

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

IN 1998 THE RCN launched its Research and Development (R&D) Co-ordinating Centre, the main focus of which was a website that allows nurses to access extensive...

Research ethics

23 February 2000

Nursing Standard

Art & Science clinical

IS THIS RESEARCH proposal ethical? Should I take informed consent when I am not the named principal investigator in a clinical trial? How do I get my research...