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Numbers nonsense

01 October 1994

Nursing Management

Numbers nonsense

A long time ago in the recent past, there was to be a nursing shortage. Whatever happened to it? The first thing to note about any shortages is that they are the...

Flawed above

01 April 1994

Nursing Management


In any institution like the NHS, where redisorganisation is a way of life, there is an inclination for the victims of change to believe that its instigators are sane...

Knowledge based - not blindly biased

01 July 1994

Nursing Management

Knowledge based - not blindly biased

It is increasingly recognised that most of what is done to patients has little scientific basis. Some assert that there is a knowledge base for 10 to 15 per cent of...

Is there an alternative to the NHS?

01 March 1997

Nursing Management

News and analysis

The healthcare policies of both the Government and the Opposition are incomplete, confused and potentially hazardous for the improvement of efficiency, equity and...

Complete the picture

01 October 2010

Nursing Older People


ONLY MYOPIC politicians in Whitehall village could possibly believe that it was efficient and beneficial to patients to split the care system into three isolated...

Let’s visit the PROMs

08 November 2006

Nursing Standard


Incredible as it may seem, we do not know whether the huge increase in spending on the NHS and radical reforms such as the revolution in nursing roles have benefited...

Nursing’s complex inferiority

02 December 1992

Nursing Standard

Viewpoint professional status

Nurses behave as though they are inferior. They repeatedly fail to challenge managers and doctors by asking the simple question: ‘What evidence do you have that this...

More nurses are needed

17 March 1993

Nursing Standard

Campaign nurses work

The late Eighties witnessed a host of dire predictions of an impending shortage of nurses, due to the demographic dip. Now trained nurses are becoming unemployed. In...

Suicide in recently released prisoners: a systematic review

01 November 2013

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

Background Research on the mortality of released prisoners is sparse and what research has been conducted has mainly focused on drug-related causes of death. We...