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‘Going cognitive’: CBT for people with learning disabilities

06 October 2008

Learning Disability Practice

A&S Science

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is fast becoming the therapy of choice for many people suffering from psychological problems. Within the market economy of...

Nothing to ‘fix’

08 June 2011

Learning Disability Practice


When my sister died, initially I was shocked and then I just wanted to sit with the fact that she was no longer here, except in memory. I took compassionate leave...

‘Too young to die!’ A cognitive behavioural approach to dealing with ‘death anxiety’

13 September 2008

Learning Disability Practice

A&S Science

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is seen as a therapy of choice, with a successful evidence base for anxiety, depression, obsessions, post-traumatic stress,...

Helping an individual to overcome a fear of dental surgery

03 April 2009

Learning Disability Practice


Tom had rotten and painful teeth, disliked dentists and hated hospitals, yet he wantedhis teeth removed and dentures fitted. The use of solution-focused therapy and...