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Sex matters

01 March 2002

Learning Disability Practice

A&S Science

I have recently returned from a visit to Poland where I visited the Catholic University of Lublin and the Centrum Metodyczne Pomocy Psychologigiczno-Pedagogicznej in...

Personal Narratives in the Helping Professions

01 May 2003

Mental Health Practice

Book review

We make sense of what happens to us and relate to one another by sharing the stories that constitute our lives. That is why Personal Narratives in the Helping...

Working with the stories nurses tell

21 April 1993

Nursing Standard

Clinical ethics

Story-telling may have been overlooked as an educational and therapeutic technique in nursing’s drive for scientific excellence. In the first of two articles, the...

How nurses can use a story-telling approach

28 April 1993

Nursing Standard

Clinical ethics

In the first article (1), we discussed the idea that experiencing ethical dilemmas is rather like a bereavement. This idea came to us when thinking about some...

Ethics and the loss of innocence

01 June 1990

Paediatric Nursing

Therapeutic storytelling

Over the past three years we have adopted an approach to teaching ethics to nurses that focuses on the experience of moral problems and on the hurt that such...

Therapeutic storytelling

01 July 1990

Paediatric Nursing


In Ethics and the loss of innocence’ (1), we discussed the idea that when nurses experience moral dilemmas in the course of their professional practice, they suffer...