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Managers’ duty to maintain good workplace communications skills

27 June 2011

Nursing Management


Communication is a fundamental element of care at every level of nursing practice. It is important, therefore, for nurse managers to create environments that promote...

A Companion to Qualitative Research

01 December 2004

Nurse Researcher

Book Review

This book offers a useful resource for students in a variety of disciplines. It provides a good overview of many aspects of qualitative research. Nursing students at...

Spiritual care for healthcare professionals

01 September 2012

Nurse Researcher

Book Review

THIS BOOK reflects on clinical practice and offers an outline of approaches to spiritual care. Thirteen chapters are divided into subsections dealing with: the art...

Designing and managing your research project

01 October 2011

Nurse Researcher

Book Review

THIS TEXT book is aimed at providing new researchers in health and social care with a general introduction to the fundamental elements of managing a research...

Health care as a fluid ecosystem

14 December 2004

Nursing Standard

Book Review

This interesting text provides a platform for discussion and debate on the complexity of healthcare management and the difficulties of rational, positivistic...

Getting research published – an A to Z of publication strategy

16 August 2005

Nursing Standard

Book Review

An interesting and up-to-date guide to publishing biomedical and healthcare research in peer-reviewed journals, Getting Research Published is primarily aimed at...

Control Your Blood Pressure

13 September 2005

Nursing Standard

Book Review

Rob Hicks’ text is a welcome addition to the ‘52 brilliant ideas’ week-by-week series from Infinite Ideas.

The public-private mix for health

22 November 2005

Nursing Standard


This is an update of a collection of essays published by the Nuffield Provincial Hospitals Trust in 1982. Alan Maynard has returned to edit 18 contributions into 14...

Concordance in medical consultations – a critical review

07 March 2006

Nursing Standard

Book Review

This text focuses on the contemporary notion of concordance. Although concordance is presented as a move away from the paternalistic notion of compliance, the book...

‘Personal pride in developing the profession’

01 October 2008

Nurse Researcher


My grandmother trained as a nurse in the UK in the 1920s. An aunt followed a similar pathway. Nostalgic photographs and the pride associated with belonging to a...