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Making choices: The power of information

01 January 1997

Nursing Management

Consumerism and Information

The recent White Paper A Service with Ambitions (Department of Health 1996), offers a clear commitment to furthering many of the issues at the heart of the user...

Performance purchasing

01 June 1994

Nursing Management

General article

Much attention has been focused on setting standards for measuring providers’ performances. But what are the standards of performance for purchasers, and who should...

2001 Commission impossible?

01 February 1995

Nursing Management

Nursing management

It is disappointing that the nursing press has, unlike the medical and general management journals (1,2,3), given minimal coverage to the recent NHS Executive...

Fill up the wise cracks

01 September 1994

Nursing Management

Nursing management

The NHS reforms have, it could be argued, catastrophically fragmented structures for the provision of nursing advice. This is particularly true from the perspective...

Senior nursing research posts: formation, location and future

01 March 1995

Nurse Researcher

Issues in research

The publication of the strategy for research in nursing (1) resurrected the call for nurses to routinely engage in research activity. One of the appendices to the...


21 May 1997

Nursing Standard

RCN continuing education

Aims and intended learning outcomes The aim of this article is to give nurses an understanding of networking in the nursing context and offer some tools and...

Focusing on a vision of health for the new century

19 January 2000

Nursing Standard

Book Review

It is not often that you are sent two books to read - the executive summary and the substantive document - but boy was I glad to get both. Not only is the content of...

The medical manager: a practical guide for clinicians

13 October 1999

Nursing Standard

Book Review

Don't be put off by the title - although written by a doctor for doctors this book has much to offer other disciplines. The book is grounded in the tensions and...

The Politics of NHS Reform 1988-97

28 June 2000

Nursing Standard

Book Review

This text provides fascinating insights from a decade of considerable change - 1988 to1997 - into the workings of government at the highest level.

Politics made accessible and designed to make you think

18 August 1999

Nursing Standard

Book Review

This text, aimed at nurses, midwives and health visitors, examines the link between nursing and politics as part of pre- and post-registration programmes. It is an...