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Living with disability

01 June 2006

Learning Disability Practice

Practice & research

Parenting a child with severe learning disabilities can bring about many challenges for the parents and their families. These aspects have driven the research agenda...

Managing sleep problems in children

07 July 2011

Learning Disability Practice


Persistent sleep disturbance is common among children and young people with an intellectual impairment, but the issue has rarely been addressed. A child and...

Parents’ reflections following eight sessions of behaviour training

01 March 2004

Learning Disability Practice

Practice & research

Challenging behaviours and high levels of parent/carer stress are common and well researched within the domain of children’s learning disability services (Allen and...

How a continuing care team can prevent breakdown of placements

29 September 2014

Learning Disability Practice

Art & Science

This article reviews a Welsh Government-funded project in which a team of professionals try to ensure that children with learning disabilities and challenging...