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Psychological aspects of pre-hospital care

01 August 1996

Emergency Nurse


Nurses working in the pre-hospital environment are well placed to provide psychological care for victims, relatives and bystanders who are directly involved in the...

Learning from major incidents

01 August 1997

Emergency Nurse


In his paper, ‘Learning from a major incident' (EN June). Robert Sowney provides some valuable insights and analysis of potential problems which may be encountered...

Pre-hospital care delivery

01 May 1996

Emergency Nurse


Few nurses would undertake an expansion of an existing role, for example endotracheal intubation, without additional training and assessment. Yet many become...

Equipping the pre-hospital care team

01 February 1996

Emergency Nurse


Of the 291 A&E departments in the United Kingdom, 121 (41.6 per cent) report to provide an A&E flying squad (1). A number of these teams have established a national...