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Improving emergency care for patients who self harm

01 December 2007

Emergency Nurse


The most radical reforms seen in the NHS since its formation, in 1948, have been initiated by the The NHS Plan (Department of Health 2000a). This describes ten core...

Prepatellar bursitis

01 June 2008

Emergency Nurse


To provide patients with accurate and efficient clinical diagnoses, clinicians must not only acquire a sound knowledge of anatomy and clinical assessment skills, but...

Management of cellulitis after insect bites

04 November 2009

Emergency Nurse


Emergency nurses must be able to manage patients with undifferentiated and previously undiagnosed conditions. Cellulitis, for example, is often seen in emergency...

Ibuprofen and warfarin

01 December 2009

Emergency Nurse


I would like to bring to readers’ attention to an error in the article entitled ‘Management of cellulitis after insect bites’, published last month in Emergency...