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Ventricular fibrillation in adults

01 August 1995

Emergency Nurse


Association newsletter

01 November 1997

Emergency Nurse

Rcn A&E nursing association news

The RCN A&E Nursing Association Newsletter is published four times a year in October, January, April and July and is sent to all members of the Association. The...

Nurses Matter: Reclaiming our Professional Identity

05 December 2001

Nursing Standard

Book review

Tschudin takes the concepts of who we are and why we matter as central themes when exploring the value of nursing and nurses. She does this on the basis that nurses...

Ventricular fibrillation in adults

20 July 1994

Nursing Standard

General article

Continuing Education articles are run in conjunction with the Royal College of Nursing Institute of Advanced Nursing Education to help you earn continuing education...