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History taking and clinical examination of the shoulder

02 April 2009

Emergency Nurse


Prompt and effective diagnosis and treatment for common shoulder problems depends on the ability of practitioners to distinguish between traumatic and non-traumatic...

Treating knee pain: history taking and accurate diagnoses

09 July 2010

Emergency Nurse


Prompt and effective diagnosis and treatment for common knee problems depend on practitioners’ ability to distinguish between traumatic and inflammatory knee...

Nurse practitioners

01 June 2009

Emergency Nurse


Douglas Allen (Emergency Nurse, April) is wrong to think that the title ‘advanced nurse practitioner’ does not describe what nurse practitioners do accurately and...

Collaborative communication: learning from advanced clinical practice patient consultations

27 March 2018

Nursing Standard


Advanced nurse practitioners, and nurses aspiring to this role, are required to understand how to communicate effectively and on a collaborative basis with patients...

Developing clinical reasoning and effective communication skills in advanced practice

24 December 2018

Nursing Standard


Clinical reasoning and effective communication are fundamental skills for nurses working at an advanced level of practice. Clinical reasoning processes are designed...

Assessment of nurse practitioner advanced clinical practice skills: using the objective structured clinical examination (OSCE)

01 December 2005

Primary Health Care


There has been a recent emphasis in primary health care upon nurses, in particular nurse practitioners, being involved in the delivery of medical care for the...

Tony Blair answers your questions

10 May 2000

Nursing Standard


Family friendly jobs Despite the present government policy of family friendly working conditions, many nursing job adverts state internal rotation shift work. Would...