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Editorial board’s eye view

01 November 2001

Emergency Nurse


It is so good to see the new look Emergency Nurse and to have the opportunity to contribute to the first edition in its new format. Being launched at the RCN A&E...

Anaphylactic shock

01 March 2002

Emergency Nurse


The causes of anaphylactic shock and presenting features are not clearly understood. In addition, the treatment of people suffering from anaphylactic or...

Please nurses, work in plain English

08 November 1995

Nursing Standard


I was pleased to see that the Plain English Campaign is to launch an award to encourage health authorities to stop writing in impenetrable jargon and gobbledygook...

Nurse practitioners - clinical skills and professional issues

05 April 2000

Nursing Standard

Book Review

This book contains 22 chapters set out in two main parts. It covers a wide range of subject matter relevant to the nurse practitioner.

Trauma and Memory

17 March 1999

Nursing Standard

Book Review

This book contains 26 chapters, most of which represent papers presented at the 1996 Trauma and Memory research conference in the US.

It's no accident

02 July 1988

Nursing Standard


Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, Accident & Emergency Nursing has risen from its Cinderella image into a true speciality. One born from the casualty...

We need to return to a service ethos and put the good of patients first

17 September 2014

Nursing Standard


I agree with Stephen Wright (Reflections September 3). The NHS changed from a service to a business in the mid-1980s, when general management was introduced, and...

Crisis in emergency care

21 September 2016

Nursing Standard


In the past two decades, the problem of bed shortages and emergency departments under pressure has increased in intensity. More than 25 years ago, when the seeds of...

Credentialing is 15 years behind

14 June 2017

Nursing Standard


I was pleased to see the RCN inviting applications for the credentialing scheme (news, 31 May). I note the piece indicated that credentialing will provide formal...


25 January 2017

Nursing Standard

App Review

CitizenAID is an easy-to-use app that informs users how to provide care in mass casualty situations, including shootings, knife attacks and bomb incidents. The...