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Securing the future of the NHS developing and supporting staff nurses

01 May 2002

Nursing Management


THE CAREER development and support of NHS nurses requires the commitment of managers and, more importantly, nurses themselves to help them become effective workers.

Managing change: cultural diversity In the NHS workforce

01 March 2005

Nursing Management


IN THE LAST few years, the globalisation of health care has been intensified by recurring shortages of nurses in many parts of the western world, including the UK.

Compromising patients’care and safety

03 July 2002

Nursing Standard


Nursing is based on the premise that care should not be compromised irrespective of the ward environment. While I accept there is a need for patients to have their...

Research notes

19 February 2003

Nursing Standard


A a black researcher there is a danger of becoming over involved in the research process, especially if the topic affects you or you have had experience of the...

Of course more patients will die if there are fewer nurses

24 July 2007

Nursing Standard


Having listened to BBC Radio 4’s You and Yours programme last week, which discussed nursing, I am bemused by the hype relating to the finding that reduced numbers of...

Diversity and equality recruiting and retaining overseas ethnic minority nurses in the NHS

01 September 2002

Nursing Management


NURSE SHORTAGES have been a problem in the UK since the 1940s and despite vigorous recruitment campaigns and offers of high pay and improved working conditions the...

Black African and black Caribbean men’s understanding and experiences of prostate cancer post-treatment in England: a qualitative study

20 August 2020

Cancer Nursing Practice

black men and prostate cancer

Aim Black African and black Caribbean men are two to three times more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer compared with white men, and some appear to have...

Exploring Alexis’ model: Part two valuing resources

01 September 2003

Nursing Management


CULTURE INVOLVES an integrated pattern of human behaviour that includes thoughts, communications, actions, customs, beliefs, values and institutions of racial,...

Overseas black and minority ethnic nurses: a systematic review

01 April 2005

Nurse Researcher


This paper is based on a study of overseas black and minority ethnic nurses in the NHS. Following a critical and analytical discussion of the principles of...

Exploring Alexis’ model: Part one valuing resources

01 July 2003

Nursing Management


NURSES ARE being enouraged to come to Britain to become part of the NHS workforce, but often the basic infrastructure to accommodate their needs is not in place...