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All inclusive research

01 May 2005

Cancer Nursing Practice


If we are to find ways of improving pain and symptom management at the end of life, and of helping people die with greater dignity and comfort, it seems obvious that...

Ethical issues in palliative care

01 October 2005

Cancer Nursing Practice

Book Review

This book does not set out to be a definitive text on the subject of ethics in palliative care. Rather, it is a collection of eight essays that discuss issues such...

Informing cancer patients: Truth telling and culture

01 April 2003

Cancer Nursing Practice

A&S Science

Truth-telling about life-threatening cancer illness is a controversial matter. Few studies have explored attitudes towards truth-telling among people from migrant...

Progress report

10 September 1988

Nursing Standard


On the face of it nursing has developed a more professional image in recent years. The introduction of the nursing process and of various models of nursing, the...

Motivation will be affected by the two-year pay freeze

13 July 2010

Nursing Standard


Chancellor George Osborne has announced a two-year pay freeze for nurses earning more than £21,000 a year (analysis June 30). In common with other public sector...

Shame on the nhs chiefs in support of unfair proposals

18 January 2011

Nursing Standard


I am dismayed by the proposed freeze of annual pay increments (editorial and news January 5). An open letter from 12 NHS chief executives supporting the increment...

This proposed NHS restructuring is the biggest botched job to date

27 July 2010

Nursing Standard


As a nurse who has dedicated 30 years of their life to the NHS, I have seen one restructuring after another. I cannot recall any of the previous reorganisations...

Politicians were far from honest about scale of cuts

02 November 2010

Nursing Standard


Conservative and Liberal Democrat politicians say they had no idea just how bad public finances were until they were elected. They seize every opportunity to assert...

Irregularities in conduct

11 March 1989

Nursing Standard


The recent decision of the High Court in directing that Miss Jilly Rosser’s name be restored to the Professional Register following alleged misconduct, has...

Challenging beliefs about tuberculosis

08 March 1995

Nursing Standard

Clinical communicable diseases

The role of the specialist tuberculosis (TB) nurse has been well recognised as an ‘integral part of local tuberculosis services’ (1). Indeed, as Ormerod (2) points...