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Financial threat to CNSs

01 September 2006

Cancer Nursing Practice


In the past few months many trusts across England have reviewed their workforce with a view to making savings and cutting costs. Some have used the opportunity to...

Non-medical follow-up in cancer care

01 April 2005

Cancer Nursing Practice


follow-up of cancer patients who have received treatment through investigation and clinical assessment is a routine part of current clinical practice. Traditionally,...

Survey evaluates quality of patient information at end of treatment

13 December 2011

Cancer Nursing Practice


A patient experience survey was undertaken by the South West London Cancer Network in 2009. It involved all the acute trust providers and was carried out under the...

Effectiveness of a neutropenic sepsis clinical pathway

07 December 2012

Cancer Nursing Practice

A&S Science

This article reports the findings of a re-audit across a cancer network of the impact and efficacy of a neutropenic sepsis clinical pathway implemented in 2007. The...

Developing the next generation of specialist cancer nurses

07 November 2017

Cancer Nursing Practice

Specialist roles

There are concerns about the future specialist cancer nursing workforce, and its ability to meet the growing need for cancer care. There are few opportunities to...

Benefits of a network approach to managing neutropenic sepsis

03 June 2010

Cancer Nursing Practice


Aim This audit aimed to establish the frequency and pattern of cancer neutropenic admissions in a four-month period across the South West London Cancer Network....

Palliative care education for community based nurses

01 May 2004

Cancer Nursing Practice


A fundamental aim of the NHS Cancer Plan (2000) is to improve the experience of care for patients with cancer, an objective that is supported by an appropriately...